Our History

The art of casting bronze has existed in our valley for nearly 4 thousand years. Recent archaeological discoveries in a small village in the middle Sabbia Valley on Corna Nibbia Mountain, show discoveries such as terracotta patterns, bronze slag remains and hand crafted bronze artefacts as evidence of metallurgical activity dating back to 1800 BC. These findings are currently on display at the Archaeological Museum of Sabbia Valley in Gavardo, titled “The Man and the Metal through the Centuries”.

Today, Giara Art Designs is the most proud to continue the tradition of manufacturing exquisite bronze products in close proximity to where our forefathers began this noble tradition and we look forward to continuing our heritage for many more years.

The Giara Collection is the result of an in depth research of various styles, spanning many years of architectural design. Giara products are manufactured from BRITANNIUM and BRONZE, prized metals with origins that date back to the middle ages.

A hand crafted product reminiscent of the ancient artisan traditions of our valley, this beautifully designed, unlaquered product conforms to current environmental and ecological standards. A product from the past, designed for the future